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graduate certificate in health informatics

Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics and Analytics15 credit hours comprised of the core courses that make up the foundation of the Master’s degree. Students can earn the Graduate Certificate as a stand-alone credential, or choose to continue on to the master’s degree. All 15 credits can be applied to the M.S. degree.

M.S. Health Informatics and Analytics

The Health Informatics and Analytics program leverages its position within the School of Data Science and capitalizes on the strength of its partner colleges, the College of Health and Human Services and the College of Computing and Informatics, to prepare national and international students to advance the professional practice of health informatics through a thorough grounding in data science, system architecture, and health analytics. Starting in the fall of 2022 the HIA program began offering two pathways for matriculating students into the MS program. The two options are the Health Services Outcomes (HSO) Concentration or the Data Science (DS) Concentration. The HSO Concentration is most suitable for students with a health-related background, while the DS Concentration assumes more background in computing and statistics. Each concentration has its own selection of Foundational Core, Core, and Selective courses. They share the same broad selection of Restrictive Elective courses.

  • 36 graduate credits hours (12 courses) are required to earn an M.S. HIA degree
    • 6 credit hours of Foundational Core courses
    • 12 credit hours of required Core courses
    • 9 credit hours of ‘Selective’ courses
    • 6 hours of Restricted Elective courses
    • 3 credit hours of an Internship or Capstone course

Estimated Time to Degree:

  • A full-time student (9-12 credit hours/3-4 classes per semester) can complete the program in roughly 18 months.
  • A part-time student (3-6 credit hours/1-2 classes per semester) can complete the program in approximately 24-36 months.

Transfer Credits

Up to six hours of external graduate credit may be transferred to satisfy the requirements for the MS in Health Informatics and Analytics. Requirements for transfer credit:

  • Coursework must be approved by the program faculty.
  • Only courses in which the student earned a grade of a B or higher will be accepted.
  • Graduate credits applied to a previous degree cannot be transferred.

Once a student has been admitted to the program, they can request that their transcripts be reviewed.