Master of Health Informatics and analytics

Health care is changing and so are the skills needed to succeed.

UNC Charlotte's Health Informatics and Analytics Master's program is designed in conjunction with industry leaders in the field, with the purpose of transforming the quality and efficiency of health care through data. Our unique programs provide students with the skills and knowledge to analyze and transform data into actionable intelligence in the pursuit of a healthier society.

The HIA graduate program at UNC Charlotte offers an exceptional educational experience for those looking to excel in the health care industry. With a comprehensive course format and a distinguished faculty composed of industry experts, the School of Data Science HIA program provides a truly unique graduate education in one of the top cities to launch a career.


    Graduate Pathways

    Our program offers a Graduate Certificate and a Master's degree, as well as a new, fully online pathway to completing the Graduate Certificate in as little as 11 months.  The two certificate options offer a streamlined starting point that provides students with core competencies in Health Informatics and Analytics.  The programs provide access and flexibility for full and part-time students.

    Online/DE Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics and Analytics (15 Credit Hours) 

    This Distance Education Graduate Certificate is designed for part-time students only.  Courses are online and asynchronous for maximum flexibility, and the full program of study can be completed in one year.  Interested candidates can apply to start in the summer term or the fall semester. The five-course sequence introduces students to the legal and organizational constructs that govern the US healthcare system.  They are also trained in programming, data analysis, and data management. 

    Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics and Analytics (15 Credit Hours) 

    The traditional Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics and Analytics (HIA) is delivered in an in-person format, designed for both full and part-time students.  Courses are offered in the evening to allow access for working professionals.    Interested candidates can apply to start in the fall or spring semester.  The program follows the same five-course sequence as the online program of study.

    Up to 15 credit hours earned in either the traditional or online certificate can be applied towards the Master's degree.   

    Master's Degree in Health Informatics and Analytics (36 Credit Hours) 

    The MS in Health Informatics and Analytics incorporates and builds off the same core curriculum as the HIA Graduate Certificate program. Upon entering into the HIA program, students choose in consultation with the Program Director one of the two concentrations, the Health Services Outcomes (HSO) Concentration or the Data Science (DS) Concentration, based on their prior training and experience. The HSO Concentration is most suitable for students with a health-related background, while the DS Concentration assumes more background in computing and statistics.