Graduate Student Council

Organization Mission

The School of Data Science - Student Council (formerly the Student Organization) aims to plan and establish various events, programs, and meetups for the students that they’re elected to represent. Each of our members is a student from either the Data Science and Business Analytics (DSBA) program or the Health Informatics and Analytics (HIAN) program that chose to dedicate their valuable time to serving the school and peers. At its heart, the organization aims to create opportunities for the students, who come from all walks of life and all over the world, to socialize with each other as well as professionals in hopes of promoting personal and professional development.

Meet the Council Members:



Sam Wright

The President's goal is to ensure that the board, whether through event planning or setting up student-led programs, acts in service to the best interests of the student body we represent. Additionally, the President is meant to serve as the student body's representative during important events and meetings.

Vice President

Uma Chavali

The Vice President works closely alongside the President. They hold responsibility for all the presidential duties without the President.


Deevanshu Khatri

The treasurer is responsible for maintaining the records of organization funds and raising funds for the events conducted by the student organization. They assist the vice president and program manager in developing fundraisers.


Timothy Knox

The Graduate & Professional Student Government (GPSG) Senate comprises representatives from each registered Graduate Student Organization (GSO). The senator represents the SDS Student Council in that forum. Reach out to me if you have concerns that need to be raised there. 

Marketing Officer

Ravalika Reddy Aduri

The role of the Marketing Officer is to lead marketing communication and organize social and networking events. They also work with the SDS Marketing Communications Manager to manage online and social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Additionally, they create promotional materials, including flyers and social media posts, to fill the SDS in on upcoming events.


Megan Staller

The Secretary maintains accurate and complete records for the organization, including but not limited to meeting minutes and attendance,  member/alum database, and various records for organization activities. The Secretary prepares and distributes agendas and assists in correspondence with outside organizations. They will also re-register the organization at the end of each school year. 

Health Informatics Representative

Mike Enger

The HIA Representatives are tasked with advancing HIA student involvement by promoting related events and opportunities. Additionally, we serve as a voice for HIA student input during organizational meetings.

New Student Liaison

Sucharitha Mettupalli

The new student liaison will serve as an intermediary between all incoming students and the SDS Student Council, promote organizational involvement among new students, and bring project ideas that benefit the incoming student body.