Naomi Nikita Thammadi

Name: Naomi Nikita Thammadi

Program: DSBA

Expected Graduation Date: July 2022

SDS Student Council Position: Vice President

SDS Student Council Vice President

Tell us three interesting things about you: 

Coming from a non-traditional student background with a few years of software industry experience, I needed a program that would hone my skills and take me to the next level of my career. The Data Science and Business Analytics masters program was the right one for me. It gave me exposure to some new technologies as well as improved my focus on the business analytics side of projects. I hope to resume my career as a Data Engineer/Data Architect and a few years down the line, I aspire to be a Techno-Functional Lead. During my free time, I love to cook new recipes, spend some outdoor time with my husband and my dogs, paint or be a couch potato(Netflix and chill forever!!)