Health Informatics Master's Program

The PSM (M.S.) in Health Informatics and Analytics focuses on applied research. It allows students to move beyond core competencies and pursue cutting-edge graduate-level research while developing practical business skills.

The PSM in Health Informatics and Analytics program requires 36 graduate credit hours, including 6 credit hours of Foundational Core courses, 12 credit hours of Core courses, 6 hours of Selective courses, 6 credit hours of Restricted Elective courses, 3 credit hours of Internship/Practicum, and a 3 credit hour Capstone course.

A maximum of 6 hours of graduate credit may be transferred.  Students may apply all of the credits earned in the Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics and Analytics towards the M.S. in Health Informatics and Analytics.

The M.S. courses that also serve the Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics and Analytics program are available via online delivery as well as face-to-face formats, meaning much (but not all) of the M.S. program is available in an online format.  

Applicants lacking a college-level statistics course within 5 years of matriculation may be required to take HADM 6108 or a comparable course upon entering the program.  This course would not count toward degree requirements.

By the end of the first semester of matriculation in the program, students must complete (or be excused from based upon prior training and/or experience) non-credit asynchronous training modules in computer vocabularies, programming systems, health vocabularies, and classification systems.

  • As a Professional Science Master's Degree, the program does not have a thesis requirement. Instead, all students complete experiential training via an internship practicum of at least 160 project hours (mid-program) and a capstone course. 
  • A full-time student can complete the program in as few as 3 semesters (plus one summer), but 4 semesters (plus a summer) is the normal plan of study. Part time students typically complete the program in twice that time.

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